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Antibodies against cytoskeletal elements.  To find information on your antigen of interest, click on the link below.

10F5 myosin heavy chain, fast, 2B
12G10 anti-alpha-tubulin tubulin (alpha-)
12G9 filament antigen
14a9 nuclear lamins II/III (Xenopus)
14h7 vimentin (Xenopus)
1B11 GPI-linked Neurocan receptor neurocan receptor
1E12 actinin, smooth muscle alpha
227-341-4 talinA (N-terminal)
2E9 myosin heavy chain, neonatal fast
2F4 myosin heavy chain, fast, jaw muscle specific
2F7 myosin heavy chain, fast, 2A
2H3 neurofilament (165 kDa)
3A10 neurofilament-associated antigen
3A9 (323 or M10-2) spectrin, alpha
3CB2 radial glial cells / vimentin
40E-C radial cells and radial glial cells (vimentin)
45E10 protein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor-linked, DPTP10D
4A5 major sperm protein (MSP)
4A6 myosin heavy chain, fast, extraocular specific
4C9H4 anti-peanut peanut gene protein product
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