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Antibodies against Humans.  To find information on your antigen of interest, click on the link below.

1-21.2 cAMP-specific phosphodieserase PDE4A4
1.00E+12 actinin, smooth muscle alpha
10.1.1 Chloride channel calcium activated 3A1; CLCA1 protein
10E5 alpha2bBeta3
12C5 versican (hyaluronate-binding region)
12G10 anti-alpha-tubulin tubulin (alpha-)
13G3B7 Fibronectin III-15 fibronectin (III-15)
15AE10 integrin beta 3 (amino acids 26-40)
1B11 GPI-linked Neurocan receptor neurocan receptor
1G2 FXR2
22d4 mannose 6-phosphate receptor, cation-dependent
2E8 laminin
2F5-1 FMRP (residues #1-204)
2G9 LAMP (gene symbol: Lsamp)
3.1C12 neuronal marker (TAG-1)
ryanodine receptors
39.3F7 Islet-1 specific homeobox
39.4D5 Islet-1 & 2 homeobox
3B3 decorin
3B5 AP-2 alpha
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