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Antibodies against Humans.  To find information on your antigen of interest, click on the link below.

MANEX7374E(3D8) dystrophin aa 71-74
MANEX7374R(8A12) dystrophin
MANEX7374U(9F5) dystrophin aa 71-74
MANEX7B(8E11) dystrophin
MANHINGE1B clone 10F9 dystrophin
MANHINGE2B clone 9C11 dystrophin
MANHINGE3A(6D6) peptide aa 2454-2469 TAISKLEMPSSLMLEV conjugated to BSA
MANHINGE4A clone 5C11 dystrophin
MANHINGE4C(10F2) peptide aa 3070-3086 VPYYIHHETQTTCWDH conjugated to BSA
MANLAC1(4A7) lamin A/C (recombinant)
MANLAC2(10F8) lamin A/C (recombinant)
MANLAC3(4C10) lamin A/C (recombinant)
MANLAC4(9G5) lamin A/C aa477-485
MANLAC5(7F12) lamin A/C (recombinant)
MANNUT1 (3B6) utrophin aa 113-371
MANNUT11 (3B3) utrophin aa 113-371
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