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Antibodies against Humans.  To find information on your antigen of interest, click on the link below.

MANDYS125(4F6) dystrophin amino-acids 1749-2248
MANDYS126(3E5C9) dystrophin amino-acids 1749-2248
MANDYS129(3H4) dystrophin amino acids 1749-2248
MANDYS141(4A12) dystrophin amino-acids 1749-2248
MANDYS15(6B11) dystrophin amino acids 816-1749
MANDYS16(1B12) dystrophin
MANDYS17(3B12) dystrophin amino-acids 816-1749
MANDYS18(5H9) dystrophin amino-acids 816-1749
MANDYS19(8F6) dystrophin
MANDYS8(8H11) dystrophin amino acids 816-1749
MANEM3(6D2) Emerin (amino acids 152-159)
MANEX1011B(1C7) dystrophin
MANEX1216A(5A4) dystrophin
MANEX1216D(8D11) dystrophin fragment encoded by exons 4-16
MANEX1216E(2G10) dystrophin fragment encoded by exons 4-16
MANEX1A(4C7) dystrophin
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