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14a9 nuclear lamins II/III (Xenopus)
ADL101 lamin Dm0
ADL195 lamin Dm0
ADL40 lamin Dm0
ADL46 lamin Dm0
ADL67.10 lamin Dm0
ADL84.12 lamin Dm0
CPTC-TOP1-MT-1 Topoisomerase I Mitochondrial
CPTC-TOP1-MT-2 Topoisomerase I Mitochondrial
CPTC-TOP1-MT-3 Topoisomerase I Mitochondrial
LC28.26 lamin C
LMN1 lamin
MANLAC1(4A7) lamin A/C (recombinant)
MANLAC2(10F8) lamin A/C (recombinant)
MANLAC3(4C10) lamin A/C (recombinant)
MANLAC5(7F12) lamin A/C (recombinant)
autoanti-dsDNA autoimmune double stranded DNA
autoanti-ssDNA autoimmune single stranded DNA