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Antibodies against skeletal muscle targets.  To find information on your antigen of interest, click on the link below.

10F5 myosin heavy chain, fast, 2B
ryanodine receptors
5-23 paramyosin
5-6 myosin heavy chain A
5C9 perlecan (domain IV)
7G10 anti-Fasciclin III fasciclin III (Drosophila)
9 D10 titin
9/30/8-A-4 link protein
9H6 entactin (synaptic)
A4.1025 myosin (human all fibers)
A4.1519 myosin (human)
A4.840 myosin (human slow fibers)
A4.951 myosin (human slow fibers)
AB8 myosin heavy chain, adult
ALD-58 myosin heavy chain
ALD66 muscle slow C-protein
B103 myosin heavy chain, embryonic and neonatal fast
BA-D5 Myosin Heavy Chain Type I
BA-F8 myosin heavy chain, slow, alpha- and beta-
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