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Antibodies against Stem cells.  To find information on your antigen of interest, click on the link below.

2C4-C2 blastema, regenerating
5.1H11 NCAM
5A5 NCAM (sialylated form); PSA-NCAM
5A6 tau
AIIB2 Integrin, beta-1 subunit
AMF-17b Vimentin
B4-78 alkaline phosphatase, bone and liver
CD133 HB#7 CD133/ Prominin-1
CIIC1 collagen type II
D7F2 MyoD
EMA-1 primordial germ cell surface marker (mouse)
F1.652 myosin (embryonic)
GN-ID4 insulin (proinsulin; C-peptide)
GS-9A8 insulin (pro-) non-processed
H4C4 CD44 human, hyaluronate receptor
H5A4 CD11b (Mac-1, CR3) (human)
H5A5 CD45 (lymphocyte common antigen) (human)
Hermes-1 CD44
II-II6B3 collagen type II
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