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Antibodies against Xenopus.  To find information on your antigen of interest, click on the link below.
12/101 skeletal muscle marker, 102 kDa
12G10 anti-alpha-tubulin tubulin (alpha-)
14a9 nuclear lamins II/III (Xenopus)
1h5 cytokeratin type II (Xenopus)
39.4D5 Islet-1 & Islet-2 homeobox
3A10 neurofilament-associated antigen
40.2D6 Islet-1 homeobox
4D9 anti-engrailed/invected engrailed/invected gene products
4d NCAM (cytoplasmic domain)
5D3 cadherin, E-
62.1E6 Slug
6B6 cadherin, C-
8C8 integrin beta-1 (Xenopus)
9E 10 c-myc
AA12.1 tubulin (beta-)
AA4.3 tubulin (alpha-)
BA-F8 Myosin heavy chain (slow, alpha- and beta-)
CH1 tropomyosin, muscle
CIIC1 collagen type II
CT3 troponin T (cardiac/slow)
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