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Click here to download the order form.
Instructions for order form completion: Upon downloading the form when you are prompted to open or save this file, choose open. Fill out the form and then "save as". From this point you will not be able to edit the saved information on the form, but you can attach it to an email or print to fax. You will need to print and fax or scan and email it to us. If you are using a Mac and have trouble saving the pdf try selecting "print" and choose pdf as the printer. For new customers: The researcher/end user must complete page one, the DSHB Terms of Agreement form. Fax (319-335-2077) or email the completed DSHB Terms of Agreement form with either the DSHB Order Form or your institution’s purchase order to place your order.
For returning customers: Include on your order the name of the researcher who previously completed the DSHB terms of agreement form.
Please note: One of the most common reasons orders are delayed is lack of information. Please remember that the name of the end user/researcher (with a completed Terms of Agreement form on file) must be clearly indicated on the order form/PO so your order can be processed in a timely manner. For Purchasing Agents/Administrators: Please remember that as the administrator, you CANNOT complete the DSHB Terms of Agreement form. The researcher/end user must complete the form. For University of Iowa employees: Click here to download an internal order form.
For orders to China, India, or South Korea : Please see the bottom of our FAQ page for instructions.