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  Armadillo Drosophila protein  
  Wieschaus, E.  
  recognized Musca domestica Arm  
  Cell 63, 549-560.; Development 120, 369-380.; J. Cell Biol. 140, 183-195.; Nature Cell Biol. 1(3), 144-151.; Exp. Cell Res. 270, 176-187.; Cell 104, 699-708.; Genes Dev. 16, 2443-2454.; Development 129, 3771-3782.; Mech. Dev. 121, 1495-1507.; Dev. Cell 19, 389-401.; Dev. Biol. 350, 89-100.; Dev. Biol. 359, 37-46.  
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All cell products contain the antimicrobial ProClin. See our FAQ section for additional information.  


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