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Depositing with the DSHB

Have you generated hybridomas against animal cell antigens or against viral, bacterial, fungal or protozoan antigens that you’d like to share with the research community? Then consider depositing them with the DSHB. We would maintain the hybridomas and distribute the products to your colleagues at approximately one fifth the commercial price. You as the depositor would be cited on the antibody’s data page at our website. Remember that the intellectual property remains yours, and that a contribution to the DSHB does not preclude you from licensing your cell line for commercial purposes.   

The deposit process is easy; click here to view the DSHB depositor agreement form. If you have a hybridoma to contribute or would like more information, contact us with the hybridoma name, target molecule, and publication information.   

Additionally, if you know of hybridomas that you would like to see made available through the DSHB at low cost and high quality, let us know the name of the hybridomas, the target molecules, and the researchers who generated them. We will contact the scientists and try to secure the hybridomas for the collection. 

Thanks very much for your help.

David R. Soll
Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank 
University of Iowa 
Department of Biology, 028 BBE 
Iowa City, IA 52242-1324 
Phone: 319 335-3826 Secure Fax: 319 359-4079 
Email: dshb@uiowa.edu