Depositing with DSHB

DSHB’s primary mission is to facilitate the sharing of important immunological tools within the biomedical research community. Depositing your hybridomas or antibodies with DSHB will help create a robust open science ecosystem for these important reagents. If you have generated monoclonal antibodies (or other immunological reagents) that youd like to share with the research community, please consider depositing them with us. 

What do we accept? 

  • Monoclonal hybridoma cell lines, polyclonal antisera, or recombinant antibody-encoding plasmids
  • Only reagents that have been validated to recognize the target antigen in the desired assay; knockout validation is optional but preferred if available 

What do we distribute? 

  • Hybridoma monoclonal antibody products and aliquots of polyclonal antisera
  • In-vitro-expressed recombinant antibodies (we will not distribute the plasmids themselves)    
  • Hybridoma cell lines, only with depositor/depositing institution permission 

Benefits of depositing: 

  • Securely cryopreserves hybridomas, which are periodically grown and re-cloned to maintain high levels of immunoglobulin expression
  • Reduces the time, effort, and cost of maintaining and sharing hybridomas and antibodies
  • Publicizes and cites the work of the contributing scientists
  • Satisfies resource sharing obligations to various funding agencies
  • Allows sharing while retaining intellectual property rights

Depositing is free and easy; email us at to receive a copy of our deposit agreement form. If you have a reagent to contribute or would like more information, contact us with the item name, target molecule, and current information, including publications using the reagent, or your questions about the deposit process. 

Additionally, if you know of valuable antibodies that are not part of our current inventory, please let us hear about it and we will try to secure the material for the collection.