Product Form Descriptions

Supernatant (-s) is spent hybridoma conditioned culture media comprised predominantly of animal-derived component free (ADCF) mAb growth medium. Residual FBS from hybridoma culture initiation is present at a concentration of < 1.5-2.0%. No BSA is added for antibody protein stabilization.


Concentrate (-c) is produced by ultrafiltration through a 50kD exclusion filter. Concentrate is not a purified product but does contain 10 times the immunoglobulin found in the supernatant. Therefore, 100 µl of concentrate contains approximately the same amount of monoclonal antibody as 1 ml of supernatant. Concentrate is recommended only for protocols requiring high antibody concentration in a small volume (i.e., immunoprecipitation, microinjection or antibody conjugation). For routine staining or blotting protocols, supernatant is recommended. 


Bioreactor Supernatant (-b) is produced by sequestering hybridoma cells in a bioreactor, a specialized tissue culture apparatus. Cells are grown within a semi-permeable membrane permitting gas and waste exchange while restricting cell and antibody diffusion. Grown in a limited volume, immunoglobulin concentration is greater per ml (˜1 mg) than in regular supernatatant and is comparable to the discontinued ascites fluid.


Polyclonal antibody sera (-p) deposited with the DSHB are limited in number and represent a small percentage of the overall inventory. The antibody host varies, but most are rabbit or goat. Due to its higher titer, the DSHB distributes polyclonal sera in 10 ul aliquots. A recommended dilution for each antibody is provided in the depositor’s comments on each antibody page at the website. 


Datasheets are available for download at the website. Antibody concentration is provided on each tube label.


Frozen Cells are a 1mL aliquot containing approximately 5x106 to 1x107 cells. They are shipped on dry ice. When a customer receives them they are either thawed and put in culture immediately or placed in liquid nitrogen storage until they are needed.

Growing Cells are a live culture containing approximately 2x107 to 4x107 cells derived from a single frozen aliquot. We thaw the cells here, make sure they are healthy and growing well and then ship them in 65mL of media in a T25 flask. When the customer receives them they are immediately placed in an incubator for culture.

Frozen and growing hybridoma cells are shipped with full identification data and an outline of recommended protocols for culture and passage. Not all hybridoma cell lines are available.