ProClin 150
To increase product stability, the antimicrobial agent ProClin 150 is added to all DSHB products (supernatant, concentrate, and biosupe).


How does ProClin 150 work?


ProClin kills microbes by inhibiting three key enzymes in the KREBS cycle resulting in the termination of respiration and protein synthesis.


Will ProClin 150 reduce the activity of the monoclonal antibody?


ProClin 150 was developed as a broad spectrum biocide specifically for affinity reagents, including antibodies, used in diagnostic laboratories.


Does ProClin 150 interfere with horseradish peroxidase or alkaline phosphatase enzyme activity?


ProClin does not inhibit HRP or Alk Phos enzyme activity immunohistochemical staining or western blots.


Is ProClin 150 autofluorescent?


ProClin 150 is not autofluorescent at the concentrations used.


What safety measures do I need to use antibody solutions containing ProClin 150?


The effective concentration of ProClin 150 is 15 ppm. Therefore, good laboratory practices are sufficient to limit exposure.


How do I remove ProClin 150 from an antibody solution?


Exhaustive dialysis may not be effective to remove ProClin 150 from an antibody solution. Purification of the antibody by affinity chromatography may be sufficient to remove residual ProClin 150. If your antibody protocol requires no ProClin such as immunostaining living cells for FACS sorting, contact the DSHB at