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We accept orders online, by email and by fax.


Researchers are welcome to register or log in at the website to place an online order using a credit card or purchase order number. To avoid order duplication, if your institution is submitting a hard copy purchase order (PO), do not also order online.

As a Purchasing Agent/Administrator, you can order online for a researcher in your group. However, you cannot register an account in your name and agree to the DSHB terms of usage required of each first-time customer. To place an online order for your researcher, first have the researcher register at the DSHB website using his/her name and institutional email address, create a password and agree to the DSHB terms of usage to create an account.

Once the researcher has established an account, the researcher can provide you with the email and password to allow you to log into the account and place an online order with either credit card information or a purchase order number. 

Please also provide your email address on the order. When you submit the order, the researcher will receive an email order confirmation. When the order is processed, you will both receive a second email with order details and ship date.

Please note that the DSHB cannot accept phone orders. If unable to order online, the following options are available:

TO ORDER USING A PURCHASE ORDER, please download the [DSHB agreement and order forms].

Choose "open", fill out the form then "save as". From this point you will not be able to edit the saved information on the form, but you will be able to attach the completed form to an email or print and fax the form. Please send faxes to our secure fax at 1-319-359-4079.

For new customers: The researcher/end user must complete the DSHB Terms of Agreement form to include with the order. Send us the completed DSHB Terms of Agreement Form with either the DSHB Order Form or your institution’s purchase order by email  or by secure fax (1-319-359-4079).

For returning customers: Send the DSHB order form or your purchase order by email  or by secure fax to (1-319-359-4079). Remember to provide the name of the researcher of record.

For Purchasing Agents/Administrators: As the agent, you CANNOT complete the DSHB Terms of Agreement form. The researcher/end user must complete the agreement form.

Note: Failure to include the researcher’s name with an order will cause unnecessary delay. The name of the end user/researcher (with a completed Terms of Agreement form on file) must be clearly indicated on the order form/PO so the order can be processed in a timely manner.


If unable to order online at the DSHB website, please send an email to unattended email address DSHB-Forms@uiowa.edu to automatically receive instructions and forms to complete your order.


To place an order using credit card information for payment purposes, please complete the order form, agreement form and credit card form and fax the order to our secure fax at 1-319-359-4079. If this is the researcher’s first order with the DSHB, then the researcher/end user must complete the terms of agreement form.  For any subsequent orders, be sure to include the researcher’s name on the order form accompanied by the completed credit card form. Alternately, we encourage the researcher to register at the DSHB website and place an order online with either credit card information or purchase order number.

IMPORTANT: To comply with credit card industry security standards, any email containing credit card information will be deleted. The order will not be processed. Please fax your credit card information, including the order form & agreement form, to our secure fax at 1-319-359-4079.

As an alternative, customers in the United States and Canada can email the completed agreement and order forms to dshb@uiowa.edu, provide a phone number and request that we call to obtain credit card information.


Register at the DSHB website to place your order online with your MFK or click here to download the on-campus order forms.