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Shipping Details

Shipping deadlines
US orders: To receive your order this week, place the order by 11 AM Central time on Wednesday. If the order is correct and the items are available, we will do our best to ship for delivery this week.

International orders: For quickest shipment, place your order by 11 AM US Central time on Thursday. If the order is correct and the items are available, we will do our best to ship the following Monday or Tuesday, depending on the country. Orders to Australia, Israel, Korea and New Zealand ship on Friday.

US shipping details
Cell products ship at ambient temperature for next day delivery. Shipping costs are estimates only. The shipping charge for domestic overnight delivery of cell products is $20.00 per shipment. Shipment of frozen cells and delivery to extended areas will be higher.

Freight terms are FOB Origin via DSHB-preferred carrier, pre-paid and added to the invoice. Purchase orders should indicate freight terms. 

The DSHB does not offer same day shipment. 

International shipping cost
Cell products ship at ambient temperature. For the majority of countries, international shipping cost is $37. This is an estimate only. Shipping cost to select countries can be as much as $80 to ship supernatant, concentrate, bioreactor supernatant and growing cells. Estimated international shipment cost of frozen cells is $150-$200. Some countries prohibit dry ice shipments. Please note that some regions incur an additional extended delivery area fee. 

Requests to include special documents in shipments for customs clearance might incur an additional $10 fee at our discretion. Please contact us at dshb@uiowa.edu with any questions. 

International shipping details
The DSHB ships internationally via FedEx and UPS at ambient temperature. Carrier choice is at our discretion. Frozen cells ship on dry ice via FedEx only. Please inform us when your institution will be closed for any holidays to avoid unnecessary delivery delays. 

International customs duties and taxes
It is the responsibility of the customer to arrange for prompt payment of customs duties. We make every effort to provide the required paperwork for customs clearance. However if special circumstances exist, advise us of any anticipated difficulty as soon as possible. Please provide us with your importer registration/identification number for clearance (i.e. EIN, SSN, VAT, GST, RFC, etc.) if applicable. Shipments to Australia and New Zealand require permit allowing you to import antibodies. We prepay the duties at these current rates for the following countries to avoid customs delays: Australia ($45), New Zealand ($30) and Italy ($36).

Pre-payment of customs duties OPTION
To alleviate possible delivery delays resulting from the freight carrier requiring cash payment of customs duties upon delivery, when possible, we can pre-pay customs duties on international shipments. These fees would be billed as a separate line item on your DSHB invoice. To use this service option, you must request pre-payment of customs duties when placing your order. If paying with a purchase order, please list the customs duties pre-payment cost as a separate line item. Contact us at 
dshb@uiowa.edu or our secure fax at 1-319-359-4079 with any questions. Thank you. 

Shipping to China
Because of the difficulty the DSHB has shipping to China, please contact our suggested distributor for assistance: 


Don Wang
Rm 2298, No. 151, Keyuan Rd.
Pudong District, Shanghai. China 201203
Republic of China 200233

Beijing: 010-58836386, 
Shanghai: 021-50800136, 
Guangzhou: 020-83808789, 
Chengdu: 028-83219351, 
Hong Kong: 852-29529513, 


After contacting Mr. Wang to determine handling fees, send Biopike our completed 2-page order form. Biopike will then place your order with the DSHB.

Please contact the DSHB (
dshb@uiowa.edu) with any questions. 

Shipping to India
Due to customs issues, the DSHB cannot ship directly to India. To place an order, please contact Sundeep Amar at Biogenuix Medsystems Pvt. Ltd.


Sundeep Amar
Biogenuix Medsystems Pvt. Ltd
Phone: +91-11-4875 4875
Fax: +91-11-2561 2008
412-B, 4th Floor
Jyoti Shikhar Towers
District center
Janak Puri
New Delhi 110058 INDIA



Prices-DSHB ( for Non-profit Organizations)

Prices in INR. Applicable sales tax extra

Supernatant, 1.0 ml


Concentrate(<1.0 ml), 0.1 ml


Concentrate ( =1.0 ml), 1.0 ml


Bioreactor Supernatant (<1.0 ml), 0.1 ml


Bioreactor Supernatant (=1.0 ml), 1.0 ml


Polyclonals, 10 µl




Terms and Conditions:
1. The above rates are inclusive of shipping charge, custom duty and service charge of 17.5%.
2. The above rates have been calculated with a minimum delivery schedule of 4 weeks. Customers requesting urgent deliveries (subject to DSHB product availability) and customers from for-profit organizations should contact Biogenuix for a separate quote.  

Shipping to Russia
To facilitate shipments to Russia, please contact Vladimir Titov at Chembiotech: 


St. Petersburg, Russia
Email: info@chembiotech.ru
Tel:+7 (953) 158 6575


Shipping to Mexico
Due to customs issues, the DSHB cannot ship directly to Mexico. To place your DSHB order, please contact: 


451 Tecate Rd. Suite 2G
Tecate, CA 91980


Shipping to Brazil
Due to customs issues, we are unable to ship directly to Brazil. To place an order with the DSHB, please contact Interprise USA Corp. to arrange for delivery of your order. 


Interprise USA Corp.
10450 NW 31 Terrace
Doral, FL 33172
Tel: +305-406-0002


Shipping to South Korea
Due to customs issues, all orders to Korea must be routed through Biomax Co., Ltd. Please contact Jaehoon Kim to determine handling fees and to submit your order.


Jaehoon Kim
BioMax Co., Ltd.
RM511 Seoul Technopark
172 Kongleung-Dong, Nowon-ku
Seoul 139743
Republic of Korea
Phone: 82-02-3296-3158
Fax: 973-2858