Antibody Supernatant (-s)

  • 10% Iscove's modified DMEM (IMDM).
  • 88% ADCF MAb (a serum-free medium).   ADCF (Animal-derived Component Free) medium does not contain bovine serum albumin.  Older lots of supernatant (prior to 2015) may contain HB101 instead of ADCF MAb.
  • 1.5-2.0% Fetal Bovine Serum.  Hybridoma cultures are initiated using medium containing FBS.  At the end of the production run, the FBS has been diluted wiith ADCF to a final concentration of less than 2.0%.
  • 50µg/ml  Gentamicin
  • 30mM Tris-HCL
  • 0.0015% ProClin 150

Antibody Concentrate (-c)

  • Delbecco's phosphate-buffered saline (D-PBS) (20 mM phosphate buffer plus 150mM NaCl).
  • 0.0015% ProClin 150
  • Antibody concentrate is a 10x solution of conditioned medium prepared by size exclusion filtration through a 50kDa cut-off filter.  After the first filtration, the retentate is brought back to the original supernatant volume with D-PBS and filtered a second time.  Concentrate contains D-PBS as the buffer and also includes all proteins from the conditioned supernatant with a molecular weight greater than 50kDa including BSA and IgG from FBS and other cellular proteins from hybridoma death and cell lysis.

Antibody Bioreactor Supernatant (-b)

  • Iscove's modified DMEM (IMDM).
  • 20% Fetal Bovine Serum ultra-low IgG
  • 50µg/ml Gentamicin
  • 30mM Tris-HCL
  • 0.0015% ProClin 150

Frozen Hybridoma Cells (-f)

  • ADCF MAb (Animal-derived Component Free medium).
  • 50µg/ml Gentamicin
  • 6% DMSO

Growing Hybridoma Cells (-g)

  • Iscove's modified DMEM (IMDM).
  • 20% Fetal Bovine Serum
  • 50µg/ml Gentamicin

BSA concentration in DSHB antibody products

  • Supernatant:  <0.03%
  • Concentrate:  <0.3%
  • Bioreactor Supe:  <0.3%

ProClin 150 concentration in DSHB antibody products

  • 15ppm or 0.0015%

FBS concentration in all DSHB products

  • Supernatant:  1.5-2.0%
  • Concentrate:  <0.1% serum proteins (< 50kDa)
  • Bioreactor Supe:  20%
  • Frozen cells: serum-free.
  • Growing cells: 20%